I have a love  hate relationship with the color red. I don’t really think about it when determining what color to wear. 

However, it finds me when I’m least expecting. I bought this red dress a little over 3 years ago for a trip to Vegas. 

I thought I’d walk in the store find a little black dress or a little tan dress to fall in love with. But there was something about this red dress that captivated me. I loved how bright and bold it was. 

I tried it on and the fabric was soooo soft and the fit was remarkable. It showed off curves I didn’t even know I had lol. 

Fast forward. Here we are. Years later. Still living it up. The split in the back is a little higher, the fabric hugs me a bit tighter, the color is a little less vibrant, but the slay is still real. 

In honor of this month of life and love, I’d like to give a shout out to this amazing red dress that’s been rocking with me all of these years. 

I paired it with my over-the-knee open toe boots and bomber jacket for a casual look. 

I also wore my mini crossbody fringe bag to add some movement to my look. 

Cheers to my little red dress. Let’s give em’ hell next year too ❤.

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