Levels X Layers 

There are levels to layering. Always keep in mind that your proportions matter. I really enjoy long denim jackets because they allow me to put so many different options underneath. 

I fell in love with this denim jacket at first glance. I loved the heaviness of it. The quality is superb and it has so many awesome features. 

One of the features I love on this jacket are the DEEP pockets. I can fit my phone, my wallet, and my keys into those pockets. Sometimes I don’t even carry a purse because of the depth of the pockets. They really create dimension on the jacket. 

I’ve also developed a new found love for olive green. I can’t get enough of this Color. There are  elbow patch details in this color and along the inside of the collar. What I love most about this jacket is the price. This Denim Zara jacket by way of was  Plato’s closet was only $14 (I’m winning!!!). 

I then decided on this ultra comfy grey open back skater shirt dress from Top Shop by way of Nordstrom. Anyone who knows me knows I live for a good back! I love having my back out and this shirt dress allowed me to do so without compromising comfort. 

Because the shirt dress is super short, I knew pairing it with an over-the-knee boot would really compliment the look and elongate my frame. 

Naturally, I went with my current obsession, my Cape Robbin comfy and sexy olive green lace up boots. The boots gave me height and completed my look. 

This look was so much fun to put together and so wearable. Remember, it doesn’t take much to create an amazing look. Just make sure you feel good in it and dress the part of the vibe you want to create that day. 

Be Kind and look good doing it


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