Baddie On A Budget 

We all want to look good, but spending a ton of money is out of the question sometimes. When I think of the term “Baddie,” I envision a confident woman who is a risk taker. She is not afraid to express her femininity. 

I created this look based on this definition of being a baddie and two artists that were in heavy rotation during this time. 

I knew right away that I wanted to try the faux silk dress trend and decided to go for this trendy green color because I thought it did a great job of excentuating the fabric. 

This dress was $12 from Big T Plaza (Dallas, TX). If you want trendy clothing they are a good place to go. 

Initially, I thought to pair the dress with black strappy sandals, but I remembered that I had these cute bright red ones. So I thought, “give them Christmas!” Green. Red. Get it? The shoes made for a subtle pop of color. And guess WHAT? They were $10 from SHU DEAL (Dallas, Texas). I’ve linked to the map of the location I went to because there are several. 

I played off of the gold hardware on the shoes to help determine my other accessories. This beautiful chain purse was a gift from my parents for one of my birthdays. I’m also wearing a gold choker from XXI, earrings from Nordstrom, and Rayban Sunnies (gift from bestfriend Gloria). 

I know I’m not the only one who likes to create a moment with a look. Eric Bellinger’s latest project, “Eric B. For President: Term 2 (YouTube link),” and Future’s “FUTURE” (Apple Music link) project allowed me to do just that. Eric had me owning my sexy petite swagg, while future had me owning my gangster boujie swagg. 

I enjoyed this look so much that we decided to shoot it in different areas. So excuse me while I post a few more pictures from the shoot. 

This graffiti wall was so inspiring! 

I hope you enjoyed this look. Remember ladies, you don’t have to spend a million to look like a million. Always slay while still remaining humble and helpful to others. Now go and be Baaaaddd within your means. 

Photos by-Christopher Hale. 

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