Chance(s) Are…1/4

Greetings my beautiful readers! Chances are, you probably know me personally and know that I’m a huge fan of Chance The Rapper. I’ve decided to dedicate this entire week to him in honor of his 24th birthday. 


Because I can! I will come forward and confess that Chance’s music captivated me, but beyond that, his ability to remain transparent, humble, imperfect, and kind is what made me stick around. For the remainder of this week I’ll be sharing my top 5 songs from 4 projects that either belong to Chance or feature him. 

First up! Surf by Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment. 

 This is Donnie’s project but Chance is all over it. 

It’s hard to choose a true top 5 because I love this project. So I’ll just choose the songs that I find myself replaying the most.

  1. Just WaitThere is a line that Chance repeats over and over “what a delicate heart, what a hard head.” It’s relatable. We have all been in a situation where we did something we knew wouldn’t benefit us but we did it anyway and had to suffer the consequences. He then goes on to remind us that “Good things come to those that wait.”
  2. Windows – This song puts me in a meditative state. I’m just inspired to sit and reflect when I listen to this song. It feels honest. 
  3. Caretaker – I love me a grown and sexy sound sometimes and D.R.A.M. delivers. The song is so short. It makes you want more. The lyrics are…complicated. Just listen. 
  4. Warm Enough – I screamed when I first heard this song. I was excited to hear yet another collab between Chicago rapper Noname Gypsy and Chance (they have several).  This song gives me goosebumps. The lyrics felt like they were cutting me. Not to mention J.Cole hit us with a verse! I didn’t want it to end. 
  5. Familiar –Talk about a diverse project! This track has a nice beat that bangs and I like my music loud. The vibe on this song is different from the calmness of a lot of the other songs. I loved the switch up. It’s always a good time when Quavo is on a track. 

These are just a few songs from the project to get you started but check out the entire project. 

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