Summer is here! It’s going to be hot. It’s already hot. I realized I wouldn’t be able to get away with pants and dresses only this summer. I needed shorts. I have a love/hate relationship with shorts because I always feel like they never look just right. They are often too tight in one area and too loose in another. I looked on Fashion Nova’s site to see what they had to offer because I know their clothes excentuate the right features. 

I decided to purchase them. BUT! There were two things that stopped me.

  1. Thrift Haul-I knew my friend and fav YouTuber Islee Jo was doing a thrift haul and I would be buying denim there. See her video here
  2. Smartistabeauty-One of my fav Youtubers showed off her DIY skills in a video and it prompted me to create something. See her video here

So the shorts became my project! 
 These two pairs of shorts inspired me to create my own. 

The Process:

I purchased a pair of light blue MUDD jeans ($4). I really liked the fit and they were high waisted. 

(Please excuse my questionable quality photos and unmade bed 😂). 

  1. I cut the bottom off the pants first and 
  2. I cut slits into the pants and stretched them out with my hands to make big holes.
  3. I tried distressing them with sandpaper, a razor blade, and plucking out strings. 
  4. I eventually cut them a little shorter because I could not get the flap to lay flat on the open knee look. 

I think the shorts turned out well and I’ll definitely wear them. However, when I attempt to distress denim again I will have to make sure it is true denim if I want the frayed edges and strings hanging. These shorts were a spandex blend so there was not much distressing that could be done. 

Here is the final look! 

Of course I had to slay mama slay my own creation! 

I loved this beautiful crop top my cousin Akilah gave me. It just worked so well with the look. 

I got this cute tassel cross body bag from Nordstrom Rack and I just love how colorful and fun it is. It’s also extremely spacious. 

I hope this look inspired you to DIY your own look! I’ll be taking on more DIY projects so stay tuned. 

-Bri ❤

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