Shades of Summer (DIY)

Hey loves! I’m super excited to be sharing this colorful post with you. 

I have an affinity for mint green. I’m drawn to it. I don’t wear it often but I always feel like a light when I wear it. You can pair it with so many other colors. 

For my look, I paired my mint green sheer blouse with a light peach bodycon dress. I purchased this sheer blouse a few years ago from a thrift store in Austin. It rang in somewhere around $2! 

This bodycon midi dress is from Forever 21.  I have it in 4 colors. These dresses can act as a basic outline for many outfits . I’ll show you in a later post how I rock bodycon dresses in a variety of ways. They are tight but they are so comfortable! I believe I purchased these dresses at $7 per dress. 

I was very pleased with how this look came together, and I don’t normally wear a ton of jewelry but I had a necklace I hadn’t worn in a while that I wanted to pair this look with. I got this statement necklace back in college (I forget where). I put it on and then I also put a silver chocker on with it. I looked at myself and said no no no no! I was having a dilemma. I wanted to wear the necklace but i also felt like my neck needed to be bare so I just started trying this and then the magic happened…

I put the necklace around my waist! Now ya girl is slim but not that slim so the necklace did not wrap around. I took the silver choker and put it in the back and connected the two together to make this “belt.” 

It’s important to make sure the clasped ends are on opposite sides for both necklaces so that they can hook on to each other. 

I love the way the belt sways when I walk. I may never wear this as a necklace again. 

Can we talk shoes? I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on these fun little babies. I was going to wear white heels with this look but I decided to go darker and keep it in the blue-ish green family. 

These heels are ultra comfortable and the straps can be tied in any way you wish. The shoes are a faux suede material. I purchased these for $7 at Shu Deal off 635 in Dallas, TX. 

I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did! Don’t be afraid of color this summer. And remember that you don’t have to spend a lot to look great and if you do spend a lot make sure you’re buying something timeless. 

Happy summer my friends! 

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