Go big, Go bold, or Go home!

Have you ever seen a bold outfit on someone else and said “I love that but I know I could never pull that off.”

This is false. Why can’t you pull it off?

I have said this in the past. At some point in our lives we may have all said this to ourselves about various things without ever really trying.

I had a mindset shift and started believing that I could do anything I wanted to do. It didn’t happen overnight. It took years of learning how to practice self love and internalizing and prioritizing positivity. This is a daily practice, but the difference now is that I’ve given life to the words I once used to just speak.

You are beautiful. You are flawed but you are still deserving of love and the first person to show you that should be YOU.

You’ll know you love yourself when it becomes easy to give love freely expecting nothing in return. You’re giving it because you have it to give.

So I made a decision to stop dimming my light because of my own insecurities and not wanting to be seen. You never know who may need your smile or to see you wear something that sparks inspiration for someone else to try it.

Fashion is something I love and it’s okay to share it. So here’s to sharing.

I wore this beautiful vibrant neon green (although it photographs yellow) dress that my cousin gifted me with.

I felt unstoppable in this dress.

I love how comfortable it is and the fit is impeccable.

This cut-out detail in the front is definitely a  nice touch.

Here I twirling because I was having so much fun wearing this dress.

I paired this dress with vintage earrings that I got from a little vintage boutique in Arlington, Tx years ago when I was in college. The earrings make me feel other-worldly because they are so rich with life.

I was torn about wearing black or a more colorful shoe but I just really enjoyed this contrast. A black pump can really dress up any outfit. Try it!

I threw in the Chanel to match my lushes earrings for the win.
Never have I felt more like myself than when I decided to get to know more of me daily. I hope this post brings light to your day. Remember that you can do anything you want. You just have to fight against that fear and do it anyway. If I can do it you can do it. Do it in style of course ❤.

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